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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask
Paybilla F.A.Q.
1 Something I’ve bought through Paybilla is broken. Where can I get technical support for that?
We’re sorry, but we cannot offer you any support for that. However, we suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the product or service you bought for technical information & support.
2 I miss my license key/activation code/software key/download link for the stuff I have bought. Where do I get it from?
Worry not, you are not lost. You can look up your order in the Purchase lookup page. You will most likely find there what you’re missing.
3 My credit card/bank account was billed by Paybilla, but I didn't buy anything from you. What’s wrong?
We are not selling products and services, but reselling them. So, please check your inbox for an order confirmation to see what you bought in the first place.